Music education in our community schools is an important part of the mission of the Ensemble Music Society. The ensembles visit the schools throughout Indianapolis giving lectures and demonstrations for students. There is no charge to the students or schools. Students who do not attend the host school may attend the master class lecture/demonstration depending on available space. Parents and teachers are also welcome. Please contact the music director at the specific school to learn more. 


2006-2007 Music in the Schools Program

Brazilian Guitar Quartet
Concert: October 4, 2006
School Program: October 5, 2006
Westlane Middle School
Westlane was most gracious last year when the Nordic Ensemble cancelled at the last moment, so we were happy to send the first group this year to Mr. Holmes’s middle school orchestra classes. 

Vogler Quartet
Concert: November 8, 2006
School Program: November 9, 2006
Perry Meridian High School
While Perry Meridian students have attended other Chamber Music in the Schools presentations, this was the first time Perry Meridian High School was able to host a group. Cindy Ortwein’s music students were attentive participants. 

Rossetti String Quartet
Concert: March 21, 2007
School Program:March 22, 2007
Northview MS (Washington Township) 
Northview has a thriving orchestra program and Elizabeth Olney-Davis’s students were delighted to have professionals play for them and answer their questions.

Imani Winds
Concert: April 25, 2007
School Program: April 26, 2007
New Augusta North Middle School
The original destination of the Imani was Crispus Attucks of IPS. Unfortunately they had to cancel a couple of weeks before the event. Dan Christian, band director at New Augusta was extremely happy to have the group come and inspire his wind players.

Vermeer Quartet
Concert: May 16, 2007
School Program: May 16, 2007
Lawrence Central High School
Sarah Milazzo, new orchestra director at Lawrence Central was able to get all of her orchestra students our of class for a most valuable “in-school field trip” with the Vermeer. 

2005-2006 Music in the Schools Program

The Ahn Trio
Concert: September 28, 2005
School Program: September 29, 10:00 a.m. 
Southport Middle School
Ms. Elizabeth Levin’s middle school students from multiple orchestras had an in-school field trip to hear the Ahn’s play and answer their questions. 

Camerata Nordica
Concert: October 26, 2005
School Program: November 18, 2004 (10:30-11:30)
The ensemble was scheduled to go to Westlane Middle School the day of the concert, but their schedule proved to be too tight. 

Concert: February 22, 2006
School Program: February 22, 2006
Franklin Middle School
They performed for 90 plus string students. Same day as the concert. 

Kafavian Schub Shifrin Trio
Concert: March, 15, 2006
School Program: March, 16, 2006
Pike Township Freshman Center
Scheduled to go to Lawrence North, but the school had to cancel. The trio went to the Pike Township Freshman Center and played for young string students of teacher Julie Armey. The students responded most enthusiastically to the Mozart, Bartok, and interaction with the artists. 

St. Petersburg Quartet
Concert: April 5, 2006
School Program: April 5, 2006
Zionsville Middle School
Kathleen Swayze’s middle school string players attended the session and also provided lunch for the musicians. 

Bill Charlap Trio
Concert: May 3, 2006
School Program: 
Indiana School for the Blind
Pianist, Bill Charlap, visited the School for the Blind and played for Linda Francisco’s 20 plus piano students as well as other instrumentalists there. 

2004-2005 Music in the Schools Program

Ying Quartet
Concert: October 13, 2004
School Program: October 13, 2004 (10:10-11:00)
Eastwood Middle School
The Quartet's presentation in Washington Township was for Corinne Imboden's Middle School strings -many attending as part of an "in-school" field trip. 
October 14th to Broad Ripple High School Received by Leslie Bartolowitz's orchestra students and other students at the School for Performing Arts. 
October 14th to Heritage Christian School Laura Payne's Middle School orchestra met at this time, but high schoolers were also permitted to attend, excused from other periods. 

Amadeus Trio
Concert: November 17, 2004
School Program: November 18, 2004 (10:30-11:30)
North Central High School
Soo Han, the new director of North Central's Orchestra was thrilled to have the trio present to his students in their studio theater. 

Wihan Quartet
Concert: January 26, 2005
School Program: January 27, 2005
Carmel High School

Concert: February 23, 2005
School Program: February 24, 2005
North Central High School

Imani Winds
Concert: March 16, 2005
School Program: March 17, 2005
Key School

Brentano String Quartet
Concert: April 20, 2005
School Program: Shortridge Middle School

2003-2004 Music in the Schools Program

Mendelssohn Quartet
Concert: November 19, 2003
School Program: November 20, 2003
Warren Central High School
The Quartet played for Jeff Payne’s 12:00 -1:00P.M. “advanced” symphony class time and the other orchestras’ members were permitted to come to the presentation as part of an in-school field trip. 

Academy of St. Martin in the Fields
Concert: February 25, 2004
School Program: February 25, 2004
Lawrence Central High School
The Ensemble performed for Grady Emmert’s orchestra classes from 9:30-11:00A.M. His “advanced” orchestra met at that time, but other orchestra students were permitted to attend as an “in school field trip.” 

“East Meets West” 
Concert: March 17, 2004
School Program: March 18, 2004
Chinese language students of Pike and Perry Meridian High Schools
The Amelia Trio with Wei Yang and Betty Xiang, were hosted by Mr. Gouping Ren, head of the Pike Chinese language program. His 30 students were joined by 50 of Ms. Reena Evans’s students from Perry Meridian High School. Most of the students were “non-musicians” who benefited from the culture experience. 

Aspen Ensemble
Concert: April 14, 2004
School Program: April 14, 9:30-10:50 a.m. 
Fulton Junior High
The Aspen Ensemble went to Wayne Township’s growing orchestra program. Barb McDougall drove them to Mr. Andy Fries’ students at Fulton Junior High, next to Ben Davis High School. 

St. Lawrence Quartet
Concert: May 5, 2004
School Program:May 5, 2004
Southport High School
Barb took the St. Lawrence Quartet to Southport High School in the early morning for the 8:30 A.M. orchestra class. They greatly enjoyed Haydn as well as the modern Canadian composer’s spoof on “new” music. 

2002-2003 Music in the Schools Program

Endellion String Quartet
Concert: October 9, 2002
School Program: October 9, 2002, 2:30 p.m.
Zionsville Middle School
Attended by 40-50 middle and high school string players plus parents. 

Budapest Strings with Frederic Chiu, pianist
Concert: November 6, 2002
School Program: November 7, 2002, 10:30 a.m. 
Broad Ripple High School

Brazilian Guitar Quartet
Concert: January 29, 2003
School Program: January 30, 2003
Lawrence North HS
Orchestra members, some guitarists, “top” band members. 

Prazak Quartet
Concert: February 26, 2003
School Program: February 27, 2003
Pike High School
Performed for, answered questions, etc. Presentation for many string players there in the orchestra room. 

American String Quartet
Concert: March 19, 2003
School Program: March 20, 2003
IPS Key School, South White Water Parkway.
Presentation for Lisa Halcomb’s middle school students; mostly strings. 

Ahn Trio
Concert: April 23, 2003
School Program: April 24, 2003
New Augusta Academy North
The Ahn Trio played for and presented a wonderful learning experience for 60 seventh grade strings students and a handful of home schooled students also attended. 

2001-2002 Music in the Schools Program

Takacs Quartet
Concert: October 17, 2001
School Program: October 21, 2001
Warren Central High School, Jeff Payne, orchestra director. 

Orpheus Quartet, with Menahem Pressler, piano
Concert: November 7, 2001
School Program: November 8, 2001
North Central High School
Chris Holmes, orchestra director. 

Academy of St. Martin in the Fields
Concert: February 20, 2001
School Program: February 21, 2001
Sycamore School (West 64th Street)
Middle school instrumentalists; Candy Gramlund, director

Eroica Trio
Concert: April 10, 2002
School Program: April 11, 2002
60 middle school instrumentalists and maybe a dozen or so high schoolers. 

Miro Quartet with Brent Michael Davies, composer
Concert: May 8, 2002
School Program: May 9, 2002 9:55 A.M.
Brebeuf Jesuit (Quartet with composer) for music students and history students; Steve Hoernemann, director.
School Program: May 9, 2002 2:30 P.M.
Orchard Country Day (Quartet only). Melody King, instrumental director. 

2000-2001 Music in the Schools Program

St Petersburg Quartet
School Program: September 2000
North Central High School with students also coming over from Northview Middle School for the presentation and coaching. 

Muir Quartet
School Program: October 2000
Broad Ripple High School for Leslie Bartolowitz’s performing arts classes. 

The Lanier Trio
School Program: November 2000
Violinist, William Preucil, went to Carmel High School to present. Pianist, Mr. Lewis, went to Lincoln Middle School where he coached three advanced high school pianists in front of the middle school orchestra classes. 

Jacques Thibaud String Trio
School Program: February 2001
IPS Key School (magnet school for performing arts) on South White River Drive. Presented to Lisa Halcomb’s classes. 

Peabody Trio with Charles Neidich, clarinet
School Program: March 2001
Mr. Neidich went to Ben Davis High School and conducted three band classes. The Peabody Trio gave presentations at Lawrence Central High School with Belzer Middle School students also in attendance. 

Emerson String Quartet
School Program: April 2001
Spring Break. The two violinists coached two chamber ensembles made up of students from multiple schools. Lawrence Central offered their facilities even though on break. 

American String Quartet
School Program: May 2001
Presentation at Lawrence North High School for Jackie Snyder’s orchestra students. 

1999-2000 Music in the Schools Program

Wihan Quartet
School Program: October 1999
To Brebeuf High School, Steve Hoernemann, director. 

Miami Quartet
School Program: November 1999
Lawrence Central High School, Andy King director.
Some 150 students observed coaching and performance by the Miami. 

American Brass Quintet
School Program: March 2000
Ben Davis High School; 200 plus band members. The Quintet coached a trumpet trio, performed, and answered questions. Gary Fields, director. 

Awadagin Pratt, pianist
School Program: April 2000
Mr. Pratt went to IPS Harschman Middle School where he coached three pianists from different IPS schools in front of Deanna Slater’s music classes. He also played for them and answered their questions. 

Cyprus Quartet
School Program: April 2000
The Cyprus went to Belzer Middle School in Lawrence Township; attended by over 100 string students. Performed and coached a high school quartet. Jilaine Seith, director. 

Shanghai Quartet
School Program: May 2000
Coached two quartets at Pike High School and presented to over 200 string students. 

1998-1999 Music in the Schools Program

Juilliard Quartet
School Program: October 1998, four separate presentations
Joel Smirnoff to Broad Ripple High School
Ronald Copes to Southport High School
Samuel Rhodes to Noblesville High School
Joel Krosnick to Warren Central High School

Trio Voronezh
School Program: November 1998, four presentations
To Lincoln Middle School for string students.
Carmel High School.
Riley Hospital and the Artsgarten performances. 

Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet
School Program: March 1999
Concert at Pike High School with German students from Hamilton Southeastern, Carmel, and Pike High Schools. Consisted of a pre-concert question and answer session in German. 

Takacs Quartet
School Program: April 1999
Student string quartets from Shortridge, Heritage Christian, Pike, and North Central were coached by the Takacs as other string students observed. 

Colorado String Quartet
School Program: May 1999
The Colorado Quartet performed for, demonstrated rehearsal technique, and coached students at Broad Ripple High School. 

1997-1998 Music in the Schools Program

Yolando Kondonassis, Harp
School Program: October 20, 1997
To Park Tudor School, Lorelei Farlow, orchestra teacher

Audubon Quartet
School Program: November 20, 1997, morning
To Pike High School; students from three different high schools were coached in quartet settings; the ensemble also played for the students and answered questions. 

Audubon Quartet
School Program: November 20, 1997, afternoon
The Quartet went to the Jewish Community Center and presented music composed at the Terezin Concentration Camp. 

Edgar Meyer, String Bass
School Program: March 18, 1998, 10:30 a.m.
Mr. Meyer performed for and worked with Bob Beckley’s orchestra students at Warren Central High School. 

Blair Quartet
School Program: March 17, 2005
The Quartet worked with Nana Vaughn’s students at Lawrence Central High School.

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